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The ITE AQUA-DEK WORKBOAT is designed from the ground up as industrial workboat not a made over sport or fishing boat. It is designed by a group of industry operators, boating safety instructors, spill responders, search & rescue personnel and experienced jet boat marine manufacturers to meet the need for a safe, stable work/rescue platform.


The vessels are stable, reliable and easy to operate and maintain. Aqua Deks are capable of performing a variety of roles. The design is reinforced at stress points to handle towing and equipment deployment needs of a heavy duty workboat yet handles and performs like a sport boat.


The ITE AQUA-DEK is constructed to both US and the new Transport Canada / Canadian Coast Guard TP 1332 standard

Pollution Control---Emergency Response---Fire---Search & Rescue---Inspections---Biological Sampling & Survey---Environmental Assessments---Water Quality Sampling & Inspections---Water Based Construction---Equipment Transport & Deployment---Mining & Forestry Projects---Inland Commercial Fisheries---Guiding & Outfitting---Remote Area Access---Safety & Tow Boat---Personnel Transport---Enforcement Patrol






Over 60 of our ITE AQUA-DEK workboats are in service from the Beaufort Sea to the Amazon --with major oil, gas and pipeline companies, spill responsonder professionals as well as SAR specialists, fire/rescue services and government agencies .


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18' AQUA-DEK on Spill Response Exercise Clearwater River

AQUA-DEK Twin with skimmer working on a spill

20' AQUA-DEK Training on the McKenzie River NWT

18' AQUA-DEKs used in Spill Response Training near Fort McMurray

AQUA-DEK Controls and Storage Lockers

Fleet of 16' & 18' AQUA-DEKs on the North Saskatchewan River near Edmonton

AQUADEKs Coming back from Training on the Athabasca River near Whitecourt

AQUA-DEKs "Rafting-up" on the North Saskatchewan River

AQUA-DEKs working on an oil Spill


AQUA-DEK Deploying Boom on the Upper Amazon in Ecuador

18' AQUA-DEK Deploying Boom from the open gate in BC

Need AQUA-DEK information or quote??

Send us an Email or Phone us at (780) 712-4459