Marine Emergency Duties A3 -- Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Basic Safety is a one day (8 hour) course for crew (not operators) on vessels up to 150 gross tons operating not more than 25 nautical miles off shore and passenger vessels (not including ferries) on Sheltered and Near Coastal Class 2 Waters.
This is a mandatory Transport Canada course required by all crew on most  Commercial (Non-Pleasure) Vessels.


Marine Emergency Duties MED A3 Topics Covered


Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Operator Proficiency is a 3 day -9 hours/day or 4 day -7 hours/day (26 hour) course to meet the needs of small vessel masters (operators) of passenger vessels and workboats under 5 gross tons, and fishing vessels under 15 gross tons operating up to 25 nautical miles offshore (Sheltered and Near Coastal Class 2 Waters).


Small Non-Pleasure Vessel Operators Proficiency (SVOP) Topics Covered



Pleasure Craft Operator Card, this course is the standard Canadian Coast Guard approved certification required by anyone who operates a Pleasure Craft.

ITE has partnered with Canadian Power & Sail Squadrons to provide this course

ITE tailors the course for your particular group (i.e. school groups, canoe clubs, boat racing associations, commercial operators)


Who needs this course?


ITE Training & Consulting is a Transport Canada Marine Training Approved Institute

ITE provides approved commercial operator and crew training as well as hands-on pratical training for on-water professional and workers



ITE can provide course packages to meet your staff needs ---MED A3/PCOC---MED A3/SVOP---all available as classroom and hands-on or just classroom depending on your needs and your occupational OH&S requirements.


Need course information or quote??


Send us an Email or Phone us at (780) 712-4459



Need course information or quote??


Send us an Email or Phone us at (780) 712-4459